Monday, March 5, 2012

Noro by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton

Noro yarn is well-known in knitting circles for its vibrant colours and earthy texture. What I didn't know was how environmentally friendly it is. Eisaku Noro, the humble man who came up with the yarn, stresses eco-friendly options in all phases of the yarn development. This is truly an organic yarn and explains why the price is higher than run-of-the-mill wool yarn. "Noro: Meet the man behind the legendary yarn" gave a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how the yarn is developed from sheep to shelf. The book also has 40 innovative patterns for clothing, accessories and home decor. I am now quite excited to start a new project - a Kureyon blanket. Of course, the chase is on - tracking down the elusive dyelot that I MUST have.


  1. I love Noro yarn! It is funny how people either love or hate it. My daughter-in-law hates it. She just finished knitting a cowl with it and I got numerous text messages from her while it was on the needles complaining about it.

  2. I had those same words in my head.. I love Noro yarn! Especially for socks. I'm getting a hankering to knit another pair.