Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pattern of Wounds by J. Mark Bertrand

There are books about travel and then there are books that travel. "Pattern of Wounds" is a book that traveled. It traveled from my spot at the table to my husbands spot in the living room. And then from there to my bedside. From my bedside it might go to my husbands comfy couch downstairs. Yes, it was the battle of the book for a few weeks until we both managed to finish it (he won by finishing first, but didn't let on what the ending was). This murder mystery did have me perplexed at times keeping characters straight. But it was interesting from beginning to end. The main character is Roland Marsh who is a hardened cop with relationship issues that many can relate to. Keeping your work life out of your marriage can be hard, especially with a high-stress job like a policeman. Watching Marsh deal with the tensions added some depth to the story-line.
This book came to me free in exchange for reviewing from Bethany House.

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