Friday, August 12, 2011

Bedtime Story by Robert J. Wiersema

If you are a voracious reader like me, one of the things that captivates you is the ability of a book to draw you in and take you to another world. Have you ever gotten so involved in a book that you felt a sense of the surreal? In two worlds at once? When reading a good book I hate to leave that "other world", it has become so real to me. What would happen if you really did enter the world of the book? How would you - or could you - get out? How did you actually get in there in the first place? This is what is explored in Wiersema's fantasy book "Bedtime Story". Weirsema follows a father and son as a book is read out loud at bedtime, gradually leading to tragic consequences. The father races against time to figure out what is happening to his son and how he can rescue him. This is not a child's book. But it will appeal to the child in you as well as satisfy the adult. Great read. I will definitely search out his other books.

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