Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Fine Art of Insincerity by Angela Hunt

This book was a sleeper. First it sat on my shelf for far too long after a friend lent it to me to read. Then I had a really hard time reading it and kept putting it down. But somewhere into chapter three something clicked and the three sisters who tell the story became real to me and I was swept into their lives. I have two sisters myself so it wasn't hard to find common points between my situation and that of the women in the book. Being the oldest I related to Ginger the most - those firstborn traits are hard to lose. I laughed and cried with these sisters even though the storyline was a little unbelievable. I'd like to think that I could go away for a weekend and come home with life all worked out and past hurts smoothed out. Not likely, but it was interesting to live with Ginger, Penny and Rosemary for a few days and see life through their eyes. I came away a little wiser and with more compassion for decisions made that don't fit my view of life.

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  1. Glad it turned out to be a good book for you! My sisters and I loved it. Even though I'm not the oldest in the family, they joked that I was the oldest sister in the story!! Don't know if that was a good thing or not! ;)