Saturday, August 20, 2011

Left neglected by Lisa Genova

Have you read Genova's other book "Still Alice"? You should. It's a wonderful book about a woman who gets early-onset Alzheimers. "Left neglected" deals with the brain as well, but this time injury as a result of a car accident. Sarah is left with a condition that causes her to not recognize anything to the left of centre - her left arm, leg, anything in her left vision. Apparently this is a common condition of brain injured patients. We see Sarah before the accident - a successful, albeit frazzled, business woman. And then we see her after the accident - barely able to clothe or feed herself, let alone walk. The novel follows Sarah through rehab and her processing of what this is going to mean to her as a career woman, wife, mother and person. Along the way we see her relationship with her husband and mother grow through the trials and tribulations, but come out stronger in the end. I was reminded of a favourite blogger of mine, Kate, who had a stroke a few years ago. Similar struggles but determination wins. Take away quote, "Because while I still hope for a full recovery, I've learned that my life can be fully lived with less."

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